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AlexGuide Mission Statement
AlexGuide is committed to supporting Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners’ business interests.  Success criteria for CAM clinics are identified, researched and this best practice applied to CAM clinic operations.

The overriding objective of AlexGuide is to produce tangible actionable improvements leading to bottom line improvements for our clients.

Coverage for AlexGuide is the UK CAM marketplace which will be reached through County by County implementations.


Management Team

Alex Stevenson CEO

Alex has had significant experience of business to business services in the UK and Internationally. His sector research skill base has been employed to many industry sectors (Energy, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Printing and more) and consequently is now employed in the CAM sector. He has held senior positions (CTO & COO) in a number of Global blue chip organisations noted for their commitment to excellence.

Alex Stevenson ResumeResume

Peter Stevenson Marketing Manager

Peter has business enterprise as his major interest particularly in relation to innovative product development. He will return to University in 2010 to complete his degree.



AlexGuide is a new company dedicated to providing business services to the busness practitioners in the UK CAM marketplace. The prospects for CAM improved significantly in May 2009 when NICE (National Insitute for Clinical Excellence) issued NICE Guideline 88 which proposed CAM therapies as a fundamental part of the solution for lower back pain.


AlexGuide Quick Facts

Dorset CAM market – 124 clinics – 42 therapies – 350 therapists (serving approx 750,000 population).

Total number of CAM therapists in the UK 120-150,000.

Total Value of the UK CAM marketplace £3 billion annual expenditure.


Contact us

Tel 077 3870 1817


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