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Products & Services

The products and services portfolio is aimed at supporting the CAM clinic in all areas of operation to either increase rvenue or reduce costs, in other words to increase profitability. Due to the current economic climate much thought has been put to increasing customer numbers. This has resulted in a drive to increase the PR profile of the clinic or individual.



List of local competitors
This is more than a typical directory. Our extensive list of clinics ensures that all potential competitors are listed, no matter how large or small.

Detailed website reports
A view into a clinics website can reveal much about their capabilities, professionalism, size and more.

Charging analysis
Do your services cost too much? Or perhaps you can charge more for a valued service. Our specific charging analysis reveals areas in which you can add value to your clinic.

Therapist accreditation processes
This details every aspect of the accreditation process for every therapy including how they are accredited to details of the regulatory bodies.

Therapists’ Who’s who
This lists every therapist on the Dorset area, how experienced they are, what their skills are and who they work for.

Annual subscription
Yearly updates to all of the above ensures that you will always have the most up to date relevant market information.


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